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Leider bekomme ich da auch nur eine Fehlermeldung. Für sachdienliche Hinweise wäre ich deshalb äußerst dankbar ;-).

Info: Folgendes Infofile ist zum obigen Program zu haben. Anscheinend handelt es sich dabei allerdings um eine Demoversion. Wo eine Vollversion herzubekommen ist, hab ich noch nicht rausgefunden und auch nicht, was das kosten soll:

The Recipe Box is a complete meal management system for the Atari ST Computers, . It includes a full featured recipe database that can store up to 2.5 Million recipes, a Daily Meal planner, a grocery list planner, a user editable calorie chart, a built in text reader (for nutritional information files), and much more. The Recipe Box runs in any resolution, on any ST/TT/Falcon, from floppy or hard drive, with 1 Meg or more of RAM. Recipes can be imported from Meal-Master, Computer Chef, Assistant Chef, or any ASCII Text file. Recipes are exported directly in Meal-Master 7.0 format for exchange with other platforms. The Recipe Box is multitaskable with MultiTos or Geneva, and is SPEEDO-GDOS compatible. Recipes can be printed on any printer using standard ASCII text, or using GDOS and the fonts of your choice. Brought to you by Mountain Software. This Demo version is fully operational, but limits you to 60 recipes until registered.


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