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Info: Roland Jesse schreibt dazu am 08.10.00 in de.rec.mampf:

"... Für die Unix-Freunde hier ist Mango gerade am entstehen. Vor Ende des Jahres wird es aber voraussichtlich keine benutzbare Version geben. ..."

Ansonsten findet sich auf der Homepage von Mango noch folgende Info:

development status

The project is in its pre alpha phase. That means, you cannot get anything of much use, yet. Check back on this page or subscribe to the announce mailing list (see below) to notice when the first beta version is available.

For the curious: Up until the first beta release a pre alpha release is made available at the download page. There is no warranty for any working functionality, though.

mailing lists

In case you want to discuss the latest and greatest development issues, be one of the first using this software and talking about it or just get an announcement as soon as something useable is available, the following mailing list might be of interest for you:


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