Adam's Recipe Companion - ARC


Info: Short: Recipe Program inc many examples - v2

replaces /biz/dbase/ARC.lha
Author: Adam Lounds (
Version: 2.0
Type: biz/dbase

Second Release of Adam's Recipe Companion (or ARC for short) Email-ware recipe database with over 1Mb of recipe files included in the archive. Features include a GadTools interface, search under category, and printing of recipes.

New in second release:
  • Support for custom "quickfile" format to speed up searches.
  • Font Sensitive GUI
  • Tag support for printing more than one recipe at a time
  • Export and deletion of recipes
  • More example recipe files
  • Change to email-ware status. Some feedback would be nice...

From: "Dirk Eismann" <deismann@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>

ARC eignet sich hauptsächlich zum Durchsuchen größerer MM-Datenbanken nach Kategorien und ist weniger zum Erfassen neuer Rezepte geeignet. Es hat keine Suchfunktion im üblichen Sinne. Man kann sich aber sehr schön durch die Kategorien klicken.


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