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food and drink in Seattle, Washington

Seattle.Eats exists to host the discussion of food and drink in and about Seattle, Washington.

Appropriate posts range from where to find the best quinces in Seattle to where the hot new Guatemalan restaurant is. Commentary on Seattle-area restaurants, cafes, stores and similar establishments, their authenticity, prices, service or lack thereof are welcome. As long as the subject of the post can be reasonably linked to eating and drinking, it can find it's home here.

Posts should also be regionally appropriate. Recommendations for stores and restaurants should be limited where possible to those within an hour or two's drive of downtown Seattle. Discussion of establishments outside of this area should focus on comparison to what's available in Seattle.

Inappropriate posts include:

  • Make Money Fast chain letters and pyramid/Ponzi schemes (illegal under state and federal regulations)
  • For Sale or Wanted posts and commercial advertisements (should be posted to*)
  • binaries, including MIME and uuencoded files
  • Excessively cross-posted messages, including those posted to more than four other groups or to groups that are clearly unrelated to the subject.
  • test posts (should be made to seattle.test)
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